Preparing the FLASH and the HOW TO of any webcashaccount

When you link money-to-money by the datevaluation of 10€ parcels, you get the property of owndated webquantums (OW).

Each of yours OWs is the product of the fusion of your 10€ with the webdate (time) of your moove and accounted at your webcashaccount.

If you have 3 OWs, it means that you-do-mark-your-money by 3 datevaluation acts and you have 3 different dates. One date for each parcel. Because it is note possible to make the datevaluation of multiples at the same time. Because the rule is that each owndated webquantum contain :

1º The finantial material of 10€ ;

2º The inputed webtime of the datevaluation ;

3º The personal webcashmotor running for your webcashaccount.

Now, remmember that any datevaluation is an economic action in cashkeeping mode. It means that if you have 3 OWs, you have 30€ cash at any time. Because you keep the right to revert cash.

By this vacation order (cashcall order) of each and any of yours OWs you get 10€ cash in bank money. The same amount of your unit datevaluation.

This economic action in cashkeeping mode and just webpowered for webcashmatic plusvalues and the cash results daily attribution, may be reseted by your cashcall order. But when you need cash, you are happy if it is not invested.

Now each day by New York zero hours w3c, The Webcash_Universocial_Web make the attribution of the universocial cash production. And this cash results may be fixed by one or several of yours OWs in your webcashaccount.

The rule is that the older Owndated Webquantum have a bigger right to eat results for you.

Well, now you see what is the quality of the timestock joined at your 10€ parcel.

So if you give an order to the WUW_Market : CALL TIMESTOCK FOR ME,

you may advice about the aged OW that you would like or about the serial number f the original fusion. Then how much you pay for the owner of such timestock.

Look your webcashmotor at your screen. Go to CALL TIMESTOCK and fill the order.

Webfishing cash results is the fun-d-mental of the money datevaluation.

Because in your webcashaccount and by the flash of your webfishing position you may find :

1º The counter of your cash-savings at your cashcall order ;

2º The counter of your owndated parcels ;

3º The counter of expected plusvalues at your put_owned_time for cashcall ;

4º The counter of the universocial cash production for the daily chance results ;

5º The counter of your maximum multiplication factor at the moment ;

6º The counter of the universocial datevalors force webjurispersons ;

7º The counter of your total profit in cash received results.

WUW_Market Links for your free 4G3W Market management :

Link for TAGVAPORATING Owndated Webquantums ;

Link for TIMESTOCK_BUYING orders ;

Link for TIMESTOCK_SELLING orders ;


Here in Webfishing-My-Cash, you will find easy management rules to improuve your better economic performance.

If you like, because everything is free in your economic action in Economy 4G3W.

Because the fun-d-mentals cash results are webpowered and webcashmatic for you.

Just if you like, you may look for more speed.

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